Meet the Team


Here we are! Your hunting guide… Rodrigo and my partners… Hazel and Gus!

After graduating from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering I moved to South Central Wisconsin.  Here is where I discovered hunting, one of the State’s most rewarding traditions.  Combined with my love for dogs, bird hunting especially became not only a hobby, but my passion.

It was only after taking some time to travel extensively with my wife, Hollee, that I made the decision to make a career out of my passion.  From our stays in several countries I realized just how difficult and expensive hunting can be without the right connections.  This experience made us thankful for how easy it is for us to practice this activity back home.  It is this gratitude that led to the idea for Wisconsin Adventures LLC,

” … a family-owned company, sharing a Wisconsin tradition.”

Born in Dubuque, Iowa and raised in Oregon, Wisconsin since she was only a few weeks old, Hazel… the older furry member of  the Camacho household, became a Master pointer. Although, she has always been a natural hunter, training has been the key to her true performance development.  She enjoys the thrill of a hunt and takes her job seriously.

Gus, purely born and raised in Wisconsin, recently became the complement to our team.  While still young, he already displays the instinct of a true hunter.  He comes from a strong family line of  field trial champions, and we look forward to seeing where his blood-line takes him.

Together, we are dedicated to provide you with the best hunting experience possible!


Come and join us,

Rodrigo Camacho